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Fall Volleyball-06


Please complete the form below and submit it to the DEUCE PUB & PIT. Spots are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.





The Deuce has you covered! Come by, or call (573)443-4350, to set up your local charity event!



  1. This is a co-ed recreational league, not a power league. There will be no hard spikes. It is the referee’s discretion to make these calls.
  2. Each team may have up to 8 people on their roster. You can add or drop people for the first three weeks.
  3. All team members must be 21 or older. No spectators under 21 will be allowed in the establishment.
  4. No outside beverage of any kind is to be brought into the Deuce Pub & Pit.  Thanks for supporting our local business!
  5. Each session will consist of league play plus 1 week of tournament play. Each game winner will be determined by the best of three games. The first 2 games will be played to 15 with the tie breaker to 10. Win by 2.
  6. All team captains will be given copies of the schedules. It is the captain’s duty to make sure team members get a copy of the schedule.
  7. All team members should be at Deuce Pub & Pit ready to play at the time scheduled. If a team does not show up 15 minutes after the time they are scheduled to play, they will forfeit the match.
  1. If a team for some reason cannot play at the time scheduled, please be courteous and notify the referee or manager on duty. Thank you!
  2. Team captains will be notified if league play is canceled due to weather. It is the captain’s responsibility to inform the rest of the team. Otherwise, assume you are always playing, no matter the weather!
  3. Referees reserve the right to dismiss anyone or any team from match play at any given time.
  4. Serving ball is in play with net contact; assuming the ball is in fair play.
  5. This is a coed league therefore there must be at least one female & one male on the court at any one time. A maximum of 4 total.
  6. One 45 second Timeout is allowed during each game (Total of 3 per team)
  7. Tournament seeds will be based on team records. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Make sure all teammates are healthy while participating in the league.  In the event of any illness or fever, please have those players stay home.  Thanks again!

SCHEDULES coming soon

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